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The Insurtech AOC Insurance Broker has partnered with Medicus



The Insurtech AOC Insurance Broker has partnered with Medicus to improve the health of it's expatriate's clients

AOC Insurance Broker is a Comparator in international health insurance for expatriates. Insurtech accredited by Finance Innovation, it has now partnered with Medicus.

Find their press release below.
Courbevoie, October 10th, 2018 - AOC Insurance Broker, a health insurance comparator dedicated to providing Employee Benefits solutions for expatriates, is launching, in partnership with Medicus, an expert in the analysis and understanding of medical data and results, a health prevention platform that allows, through artificial intelligence, to interpret and analyze medical data. Directly integrated into the AOC Expatcare application, the service will provide expatriate clients and partner insurers with real medical solutions (blood analysis, health check-up, management of chronic medical conditions and pre-existing conditions, calculation of preventive scores, detection and recommendations) while benefiting from personalized wellness coaching.
Today in France, prevention represents only 2% of current health expenditure[1]. "There is an urgent need to move our existing curative model towards disease prevention and prediction. To achieve this, we quickly identified Medicus as the obvious solution in terms of management, productivity gains and profitability. Unlike most platforms, we were not willing to limit ourselves to a wellness coaching offer, but on the contrary, to deploy a cutting-edge service that allows us to provide comprehensible medical answers and analyses for our  clients, enabling them to anticipate diseases, reduce hospital risks and chronic conditions," stresses Olivier Le Faouder, CEO of AOC Insurance Broker.
Enable members to take a more proactive approach to their health
Directly integrated within the AOC ExpatCare mobile application and the AOC ExpatCare "The Family" loyalty program, the Medicus platform will provide access to:

* Analytical reports/results converted into an easy-to-understand visual experience that includes explanations of results, clinical risk estimates, screening recommendations, medical visit recommendations, health counselling...
* Well-being reports based on a complete analysis of physical and psychological health status based on 42 parameters of lifestyle habits, biomarker values, psychological state...
* Check-ups such as lipid analysis, diabetes rate, heart function, liver, kidneys...
Members will also be able to benefit from a wellness coaching offer to raise their awareness and interest in their health condition. "Each customer will now have the ability to manage their health and performance with the most widely used connected objects on the market. The level of commitment of beneficiaries is also rewarded through our AOC ExpatCare "The Family" loyalty programme. As for our insurance partners, they will be able to offer our clients a discount on their insurance policy when renewing their policies," adds Olivier Le Faouder.
Medicus uses technology that avoids the need to deal with health data management. "The insured member can take control of his health while remaining in control of his data; the reasoning engine (AI) runs directly on the insured's smartphone without any of his data being sent to the cloud. Allowing the user to understand his results and know his health condition means above all putting him back at the heart of the healthcare process, making him an actor in his own health condition and well-being" concludes Francisco Vega, Managing Director France of Medicus.

[1] Source: organisation de coopération et de développement économiques
About AOC Insurance Broker
AOC Insurance Broker is an insurance comparator dedicated to health insurance for expatriates. Created by Olivier Le Faouder in 2012, the multilingual platform is aimed at companies, individuals and international organizations in search of the best health offer. AOC Insurance Broker's experts, through a universal client approach, analyze, compare and recommend the programs of each insurer/provider in order to offer clients a tailor-made health coverage, taking into account their needs for care, their medical habits, characteristics of their profile, and their country of expatriation. Insured persons can then subscribe to the proposal of their choice with the assistance of the AOC team via a Saas platform and/or the AOC Expatcare mobile application. In parallel, the AOC Insurance Broker offers a loyalty program but also a preventive and predictive service to support expatriates throughout their healthcare journey. In June 2017, AOC Insurance Broker was labelled Innovative Insurtech by Finance Innovation and French Tech. In December 2017, the startup was also selected among the 50 Insurtechs around the world with significant potential for development by Innovator's Edge, a risk-based insurance and innovation platform representing more than 72,000 companies in the world. insurance or related environments
About Medicus
Medicus is a digital health solutions company. Using an artificial intelligence platform, it enables patients to take action and make better decisions about their health. The Medicus platform operates on the basis of medical reasoning (an expert system AI) that replicates the reasoning of physicians during a consultation, in a fully automated and 100% personalized way. The platform is based exclusively on accepted medical knowledge and official recommendations (customized according to the country of the user). From a provider's point of view, Medicus solves the problem of providing medical information to patients with limited medical knowledge or little attention. From the patient's point of view, Medicus helps to understand its results; converting health data into an interactive experience with personalized explanations, informative facts and ongoing coaching to improve one's health and lifestyle. Depending on the patient's health profile, the information can be used to prevent and/or manage a particular disease (anaemia, heart problems, high cholesterol, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, fertility and pregnancy, etc.). Medicus is currently based in Vienna (Austria) with offices in Paris, Berlin, Dubai and Beirut.

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