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Liaison Majestic, medical insurance that covers you in USA and outside your home country 


You are studying or working temporarily in a foreign country including the USA ? You are a globe trotter traveling outside your home country ?  You need Liaison Majestic

With Liaison Majestic you get a health insurance from 5 days to 3 years

According of your country of destination, you can choose your health coverage up to 1.000.000$ of medical costs!

You have access to an extensive network of medical providers, many of which have direct pay agreements.  Provider can be located at

You wish to do water-skiing, parachuting, snowboarding, and other hazardous sports : you can be covered as well!

You have also many others benefits as emergency medical evacuation, hospital indemnity, accidental death or dismemberment, common carrier accidental death, return of remains, political evacuation, terrorism, coma benefit, interruption of trip, etc

Examples of premiums including medical coverage up to $ 600.000 :
→You are French, 28 years old, and going to USA to find a job, you need a strong coverage because medical costs are very high in the US, your annual premium is $1.124
→You are US citizen, 41 years old, you are going to travel in Asia during 12 months. Your premium is $869
→You are Italian, 25 years old and going to study one year in the UK. Your premium is $475

To make your own quotation and buy online please use this link :



After enrolment your will receive confirmation by email and your insurance card will be delivered to your home address

Download the documentation below :

pdfBrochure Liasion Majestic

pdfGeneral Condition Liaison Majestic


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