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Not satisfied with your current health cover? Need a better insurance provider? Planning to switch your insurance plan?

Join AOC Insurance Broker now and benefit from our solid experience and international team of experts. 

Why should you choose AOC Insurance Broker as your new insurance provider?

Main arguments:

The aim and added value of an insurance broker is to make health plans easy to understand and comfortable to read, and to guide you through all possible choices in accordance with your needs and your country of residence.
Bad advising - a broker who is not well informed about the insurer's current back office and resources and can't assist properly in urgent cases concerning evacuation.

Good brokers highlight and compare in the most transparent and comprehensible way different prices, benefits and services for all expat health plans.
For this purpose AOC Insurance Broker classified all insurers and their plans into some categories. That way we compare them for our customers following some predefined standards. Finally we come with fair and competitive prices.

Customer Service
The relationship between insured and broker, and in turn between broker and insurer is said to be the key for delivering high-quality insurance serivces.
At AOC Insurance Broker we cherish a pro- and reactive dialogue within a long-term commitment.
For this purpose, we use modern communication tools, so we can interact pretty fast and provide clear and detailed answers within 24 hours.

AOC Insurance broker assists all insured clients from A to Z and helps, FREE OF CHARGE, wherever our helps is needed. We aslo provide various important benefits (i.e. pre-approval procedure issues, evacuation assistance, questions regarding to reimbursements).
AOC's strength is within our ability to protect our clients' interests, as being global insurance companies intermediary.

Ready to join us now?
Without additional cost, you can choose the online comparator AOC Insurance Broker as your advisor and take advantage of our experience, professional team and broad range of services that we provide for expatriates abroad.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: The simple policy change does not impact your policy coverage and terms!

Download and fill in our transfer agency form below.

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AOC Insurance Broker : International Health Insurance comparisons

"The Health plan you want, the premium you want, the help you need"