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Covid19 - Coronavirus - IPMI Insurance Companies covered or not covered

Covid19 - Coronavirus - IPMI Insurance Companies covered or not covered

International health insurance companies for expats - Info Coronavirus

As you know, we are an Insurtech in international health insurance, employee benefits insurance and manage individuals, families and companies around the world. We represent about 30 players and we are facing an explosion in the demand for expatriates as fear has taken hold of everyone.

After re-reading the terms and conditions of our insurance partners and providers, a minority cover Covid19 - coronavirus and epidemics/pandemics without restriction against a majority who exclude the risks for “Force Majeure. Costs related to treatment and/or medical evacuations and/or repatriations directly or indirectly arising from force majeure and where we are prevented from providing assistance, or where the situation is taken out of our control by local authorities will not be reimbursed, unless otherwise agreed by us in writing. Force majeure may include, but is not limited to, events which are unpredictable, unforeseeable or unavoidable, such as earthquakes, epidemics, extremely severe, weather, fire, floods, landslides, subsidence, and any other, act or event that is outside of our reasonable control”.

For the most ethical players "There is no pandemic exclusion across our plans, so if your client is diagnosed with the coronavirus and needs treatment, they will be covered as per the terms of their plan. All our plans offer a full refund for In-Patient hospital charges as standard".

It is not a job to make a list although… but the insurers who do not cover do not provide information while the ethical minority as well as we inform to reassure our clients abroad.

I was working this week on an airline company and explained to HR and our partner that the insurer excluded this risk and that we had to change and review these points at the renewal at the end of the month and do otherwise.

As an employer, we have obligations of safety, assistance and protection. It is important to remember this because tariffs come before benefits, transparency, advice and expertise, which is far below average in IPMI insurance industry.
Stay safe and contact us if needed.


*Status report - Image Source FT Analysis of Johns Hopkins University, CSEE; Data Updated 12 march 18.8 GMT
* Coronavirus (Covid 19) map & situation per country


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