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Thailand hospitalisation overstay rules

Thailand medical treatment and insurance policies in the event of hospitalization overstay


How to get a visa extension based on hospitalization in Thailand?

Except from Police order 777/2551. 
2.25 In the case of medical treatment or convalescence or to look after a patient:
Permission will be granted for a period of not more than 90 days at a time. 
(1) Confirmation and request have been made by a physician responsible for the treatment. The Physician must describe the details of treatment and advised that the illness is a barrier for travelling. 
(2) In the case of looking after a patient, confirmation and request have been made by the physician responsible for the treatment or by an embassy or consulate. 
(3) Patient Carer, except parents, spouse, children, adopted children or children of the spouse, shall be granted no more than 1 extra person.

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