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Employee Benefit Insurance Plans






AOC Employee Benefits Health Insurance

Best employee benefit plans provide not only a relevant benefit for your employees by giving them quick access to health treatment but also an accurate moderate result on your company through overcome sickness absence raised employee morale and increased productivity. It can be further used as an effective tool in the recruitment process by offering it as part of the employment package for new staff process.


In our day-to-day experiences, we are revealed to many risks associated either with Accidents or Illnesses. And with the ever-increasing costs linked with hospitalization or outpatient treatments, we can provide your employees and their dependents the optimum cover they require.

AOC Insurance Broker provides you with a comparison and a call tender from 30 plus selected global Insurance companies such as Allianz, AXA, Cigna, Bupa and other global Insurance providers such as Now Health, Henner, Globality, Wellaway, Interglobal etc. We extend our knowledge and expertise in global health insurance businesses. We contribute our knowledge and expertise in International Private Medical Insurance in Asia and South East Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America, Canada, UK, USA & Australia much more regions. We negotiate the best solutions and conditions for you and your employees. Our group healthcare plans provide safety and choice for your employees living outside their home country.

Comprehensive Health Insurance cover for Expat Employees:

In-Patient & Day-Care benefits Hospital Service, Accidents and Emergencies, Intensive Care & Operation Theatre Costs, Surgical Operations & procedures, Surgeons, Anaesthetists & Physicians fees, Prescribed Medicine & drugs, Prostheses and Surgical Appliances, (Artificial body parts surgically implanted to form parts of an insured’s body), Diagnostic tests, Oncology Treatment, Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy, Ophthalmology, Acute (reversible) kidney failure, Physiotherapy.

Out-Patient Benefits: Diagnostic tests, Specialists, Consultants, General Medical Practitioner and Family Physician fees, Out-Patient home visits for emergency conditions, Oncology, Prescribed Medicines & Dressings, Emergency Ambulance (to and/or from point of treatment), Outpatient Surgical Procedures, Physiotherapy

Other benefits: Chronic & Pre-existing conditions, Emergency local ambulance, Organ transplant, Nursing at home, Compassionate emergency home visit, Hospital cash benefits, Repatriation, burial or cremation of mortal remains, emergency medical evacuation.

Group Life and Personal Accident insurance plans provide coverage for accidental bodily injury, death or disablement of the insured persons. During the period of employment, the coverage can be arranged on a 24 hours basis or only to cover the occupational accident.


We are happy to offer a quality of employee benefits plans, Our Insurance Consultant will be in touch with you for your questions. We will assure to offer tailored plans to meet your budget and healthcare needs.

AOC Insurance Broker : International Health Insurance comparisons

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