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International Health Insurance Comparator

AOC Insurance Broker is an independent broker with 30 agreements with the most important international insurance companies. Our services are free. We do not load your premium. Your premium remains the same as would, if you would directly buy from the insurance companies. Our commission is paid by insurance companies with the same fee calculation, and therefore, our recommendation is neutral.

How does AOC Insurance Broker comparator work?

To begin with, it is very important that you have a phone conversation with an AOC consultant in order for us to understand your situation and your needs very well. If you really cannot be called, you may provide us with all the necessary information by filling out the AOC Form.
Moreover, please note that we have the legal duty to inform and advise you according to your situation, needs and requests.
Your interest might not necessarily be to get the lowest premium. You might need to know if the insurance is adapted to your situation, your health condition, your projects, your destination, your way of life, etc.
Only a professional who has the experience and knowledge of the benefits and conditions of each insurance plan is able to inform, recommend or even warn their customer.
It is important to be assisted during the selection of the insurance plan, the enrolment, and throughout the life of the insurance (renewals, limitations, emergency, etc.).

Making a comparison of expat health insurance plans involves the following skills:

-Knowledge of expertise in the medical insurance industry
-Close relations with insurance companies (management, claim centre, sales team, medical team, etc.), as well the medical evacuation companies
-Knowing the benefits, general conditions and processes of each insurance plan
-Understanding the inflation of medical costs, according to each destination
-Knowledge of how insurers manage the cost containment of costs
-Knowledge of how insurers consider preventive treatment, second medical advice and health coaching

The most important diseases, according to the 2015 Towers Watson survey report are:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Respiratory issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Back and muscle pains
  • Accidents
  • Mental disorders


1. The expatriate first make a request for quotes and information on our website: 
2. The AOC Team calls the expatriates (or get in touch with them by email), asking him to fill our the AOC information form and proposes to arrange a phone call (or Skype)
3. Phone or Skype call in order to get a clear understanding of the expatriate's situation, needs and requests. The AOC consultant may also give some further information and advice
4. According to this information, the AOC consultant can program the AOC Expat Care tool to selected adapted comparative insurances and quotes. The comparison is also made thanks to the AOC Notation document
5. The expatriate examines the selection of insurance plans and prepares his questions. The consultant arranges another phone call to answer these questions.
6. The client sends the application form for the selected insurance plan to the consultant. The AOC consultant then checks the application and the medical questionnaire and sends it to the insurance company.
7. The consultant and the entire AOC team will stay at the disposal of the client throughout the life of the insurance plan, in case of questions, emergencies, claims, etc.


AOC Insurance Broker : International Health Insurance comparisons

"The Health plan you want, the premium you want, the help you need"