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International private health insurance plans designed for expatriates in Asia

AOC Insurance Broker provides you a comparative quotes with or without deductible that include in 1st USD, 1st EURO, and 1st GBP coverage with inpatient treatment care and or outpatient benefit with assistance evacuation repatriation as per your request for the following countries:

Thailand - Vietnam - Burma - Myanmar - Indonesia - Cambodia - Laos - Philippines - Malaysia - India - Nepal - Maldives - Brunei - Pakistan - Bangladesh - East Timor - South Korea - Kazakstan - Kyrgystan - Tajikistan - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Singapore - Hong-Kong - Japan - Taiwan - Macao - China
Our Asia Private Insurance health policies provide you with the following benefits: 

  • Coverage of hospital and medical expenses in international and free choice of doctors and hospitals consulted
  • Direct settlement network (direct billing hospital)
  • Cover up to one million dollars per year of insurance and unlimited life.
  • Guaranteed renewal policy life time.
  • Geographical mobility: the insurance policy will remain effective even if your plans take you to change country of residence, which leads all medical conditions remain continuously covered and administrative arrangements are more convenient.
  • Optional dental coverage for all routine care and maternity plan.
  • Coverage for hospitalization, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • Flexibility in terms of deductibles (Nil to 5 000 USD for example).
  • Several ways in which the monthly payments for the majority of companies to better manage its health budget.

The individual plan levels differ with regard to the nature and amount of agreed benefits. Each level, however, generally includes benefits for inpatient, outpatient and dental treatment, as well as special assistance services. 
Get a quote now or contact us by e-mail. We can also call you at a time convinient to you by phone or by Skype (Update our Id : aoc.insurancebroker).

AOC Insurance Broker - we will cover look after and cover you, wherever you are!

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AOC Insurance Broker : International Health Insurance comparisons

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