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Filing your health insurance claims manual


Insurance claims invoices must specify the following 4 significant particulars:

1. First name and surname, as well as the date of birth of the insured person.
2. A precise designation of the illness (diagnosis) or otherwise a description of the symptoms by the doctor, preferably by using the ICD code 9 or 10 (International Classification of Disease).
3. The individual medical services and treatment data with unit price.
4. Where dental treatment is concerned, the invoice must also specify which teeth have been treated or replaced and which services have been rendered in each instance.
Further important points: 
1. All documents or invoices should preferably be issued in English, German, French, Dutch or Spanish and must use Arabic numerals and Latin characters (1, 2, 3…/a, b, c…).
2. Prescriptions must specify the first name and surname, as well as the date of birth, of the insured person, the drugs which have been prescribed, their price and the receipt of payment.
3. Prescriptions must be submitted together with the corresponding doctor’s invoice; invoices for therapies and therapeutic aids and appliances must be submitted with the= corresponding prescription.

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