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IMG Sky Rescue | emergency medical insurance

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IMG Sky Rescue: emergency medical evacuation coverage for expatriates and international travellers

Sky Rescue plan is designed for those travellers who need to fill the gaps in their international medical insurance. It provides coverage for such benefits as emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, reunion and emergency assistance.
Sky Rescue is an emergency medical insurance plan best suited for:
 - Vacationers
 - Individuals and families living or working abroad
 - Frequent travellers
 - Individuals that maintain multiple countries of residence 
Sky Rescue highlights: 
 - Political Evacuation coverage
 - Emergency Evacuation coverage
 - Emergency Reunion coverage 
 - Return of Mortal Remains coverage
 - Returning Minor Children coverage
 - Emergency Travel Assistance Services

Sky Rescue is provided by AOC Insurance Broker. The plan may be purchased online for 3, 6 or 12 months and can be rewritten for succeeding or subsequent periods. New deductible, eligibility, conditions of coverage and pre-existing condition exclusions will apply, and a new application must also be completed.
Join us now - get a free quote and purchase Sky Rescue insurance online by credit card. Membership card and receipt payment will also be sent to you online.




For more information, download the pdf documents below:


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