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Short Term International Health Insurance for Business Travellers


Medical Insurance coverage for Business travellers

Our Short Term Health Insurance plan is specifically designed for employers who want to cover the medical emergency needs of their staff who regularly travel abroad on business.
As a medical travel insurance product for businesses, it covers acute emergency medical treatments as outlined in the Benefit Guide. 
It provides the employees with peace of mind that they are covered for trips worldwide in the event of a medical emergency.

A cover is provided when they are outside:
*Their principal country of residence, the country where they live for more than six months of the year
*Their country of primary employment, the country in which the employee pays taxes and social security contributions

Staff are covered for single or multiple trips up to a combined maximum of either:
*90 travel days per insurance year each
*300 travel days per insurance year each

Short-Term Healthcare cover is only provided in the event of a medical emergency. By this we mean an accident, a disaster or any sudden beginning or worsening of a severe illness, resulting in a medical condition that presents an immediate health threat and therefore requires urgent medical measures. Only medical treatment by a physician, medical practitioner/specialist or hospitalisation that commences within 24 hours of the emergency event will be covered. 
Please note that the purpose of this insurance plan is to provide medical care during emergency situations. Any ongoing or further treatment that is required after the emergency situation is not covered by this policy.

Allianz Short Term Travel Worldwide excluding USA
Cover for 300 days Euro USD Sterling CHF
Group € 362.35 $471.06 £286.26 449.32
Individual € 362.35 $471.06 £286.26 449.32
Cover for 90 days   USD Sterling CHF
Group € 258.82 $336.46 £204.47 320.94
Individual € 258.82 $336.46 £204.47 3

pdf_icon_0.pngTable of Benefits and General Conditions 


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