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Healthtech – Comparisons expatriates

How AOC Expat Care Family Program works ?AOC_Insurance_Broker_individual_empowerment_to_enhance_care.jpg


1/Make the user experience accessible and simplify the procedures for obtaining overseas health insurance among the many offers on the market.

2/Put the insured at the heart of his health thanks to a loyalty program enabling him to better understand the management and prevention of risks.

3/ Make a comparison based on your needs and according to the modules integrated in our extranet: inpatient, outpatient, dental & vision, wellness, medical assistance, annual deductible/excess by medical conditions. Also choose your currency (euro, US dollar, sterling), your language (French, English), your country of residence and the age of the persons to be insured.

4/ Selection of health plans corresponding to your needs classified by premiums

5/ Compare the health plans proposed by the different insurance companies based on the differences in the guarantees they offer.

6/ Recommend and advise the insured person the solution with the best guarantee/price/service ratio: proximity of the insurer, reimbursement, management flexibility, smartphone application, assistance, medical networks, direct payment or third-party payment, Exclusions, surcharges on chronic or pre-existing medical conditions.

7/ Taking into account the user experience by integrating the customer into a "member club" with a loyalty program allowing to accumulate points according to the following criteria:
- Purchasing international health insurance from AOC Insurance Broker
- Recommend the services of AOC Insurance Broker
- Take care of your health, exercise, eat better

8/ Place the users at the heart of the system by giving them access to digital services through connected devices in various programs of health, nutrition, sports, management of chronic medical conditions and donation in order to earn points convertible into money.

9/ Provide a basic module to insured persons and encourage them to use the add-on modules with credits convertible into coupons with our partners in E-health, nutrition, sports and connected devices.

10/ Analyse and better manage the client's medical risk, provide health guarantees in line with their pathologies, anticipate and bring the necessary treatments with an interaction between AOC Insurance Broker, insurers, patients and the medical world.

AOC Insurance Broker : International Health Insurance comparisons

"The Health plan you want, the premium you want, the help you need"

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