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Austria Expat Health Insurance Guide

Austria Flag

Health Insurance in Austria, Europe

Information expatriation.

Capital City: Vienna
Total area: 83,858 km2
Population: 8,334,325 (2008)
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Calling Code:  +43 XXX

Practical Information:

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Health Product: Travel Insurance and Health insurance
Health Insurance information and Sanitary Risk: World Health Map
FAQ: Expat Health insurance Information

Hospital Network :


Vienna, Austria

Telephone: +1 288 024900

Fax: +1 288 024980

Goldenes Kreuz Privatspital

Vienna, Austria

Telephone: +1 401110

Fax: +1 40111505


Privatklinik Josefstadt


Telephone: +1 401140

Fax: +1 401145607

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