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Expat Health Insurance France

Health Insurance in France

Useful information for expatriates in France.

Capital City:  Paris
Total area:  551,695 km2
Population:  63,929,000 (2014)
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Time Zone:  List of time zones by country
Calling Code:  +33 XXX

Practical Information: Wikepedia France

Health Product: Travel Insurance and Health insurance
Health Insurance information and Sanitary Risk: World Health Map
FAQ:  Expat Health insurance Information


Our partner hospitals in France:

American Hospital of Paris
Paris , France

Centre Chirurgical Marcel Sembat
Paris , France

Centre Hospitalier De Boulogne
Boulogne Sur Mer , France

Centre Hospitalier Prive Clairval
Marseille , France

Centre Hospitalier Prive Claude Galien
Quincy-sous-senart (Ile de France) , France

Centre Hospitalier Prive Saint-Martin
Caen , France

Centre Medico – Chirurgical Institut A. Tzanck
St. Laurent du Var , France

Clinique Ambroise Pare
Toulouse , France

Clinique Bouchard
Marseille , France

Clinique Chirurgical d’Antibes.
Antibes, France

Clinique de Milan
Paris , France

Clinique du Colombier
Limoges , France

Clinique du Cours Dillon
Toulouse , France

Clinique du Petit Colmoulins
Harfleur , France

Clinique du Ter
Kerbernes , France

Clinique Franche-Ville
Perigueux , France

Clinique Geoffroy Saint Hilaire
Paris , France

Clinique Lanroze
Brest , France

Clinique Nantaise
Nantes , France

Clinique Pasteur St Esprit
Brest , France

Clinique Saint Hilaire
Agen Cedex , France

Clinique Saint Martin
Pessac , France

Clinique St Antoine
Bordeaux , France

Clinique St Augustin
Nantes , France

Clinique St Gatien
Tours , France

Clinique Theodore Ducos
Bordeaux , France

Clinique Vert Coteau
Marseille , France

CMC-Policlinique Rennaise
St-Gregoire , France

GCS Jules Vernes
Nantes , France

Generale de Sante group consisting of: Polyclinique de Savoie
Annemassa , France

Hospital Prive Antony
Paris (Antony) , France

Hospital Prive Beauregard
Marseille , France

Institut Hospitaler Jacques Cartier
Massy (Ile de France) , France

L’Esperance Private Clinic
Mougins , France

Pleinciel Clinic
Mougins , France

Policlinique Sainte-Therese
Lannion , France

Polyclinique Aguilera
Biarritz , France

Polyclinique de Bois Bernard
Rouvroy , France

Polyclinique Sevigne
Cesson Sevigne , France


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