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ihi Bupa International Health and Hospital Plan

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High quality international health insurance for expatriates all over the world.

ihi Bupa International Health and Hospital Plan – our expat health insurance plan can be purchased online from our french insurance broker parters AOC Insurance Broker

ihi Bupa has over 35 years experience in providing international private health insurance and with its International Health and Hospital Plans. You and your family can feel confident that you have access to the highest quality health insurance and expert support. The policy provides cover for congenital, hereditary or chronic conditions diagnosed while you are covered by the policy and, uniquely in the International Private Medical Insurance Market, can provide cover for a wide selection of pre-existing conditions *
In addition, the International Health and Hospital Plan policy offers:
+ Full cover regardless of your job, leisure interests and sports activities
+ Guaranteed lifetime renewability regardless of your age and any changes to your health
+ Worldwide cover with complete freedom to choose any recognised hospital, clinic, doctor or specialist
+ Cover for newborn babies, regardless of state of health **
Services provided by ihi Bupa include: 
+ 24 hour multilingual emergency service
+ Advice on choice of hospitals and doctors all over the world
+ Access to ihi Bupa’s highly qualified medical consultants
+ Access to a broad range of online services, e.g. the possibility of managing your policy on ihi Bupa’s website.
+ Direct settlement or pre-payment for inpatient treatment ***
+ The hospital plan is constructed of a flexible modular system that allows you to tailor your own insurance.
The Hospital Plan is the core module providing comprehensive inpatient cover up to an annual maximum of USD 1800,000. It includes hospital treatment, childbirth, organ transplant, rehabilitation and emergency room treatment. It can be taken out on its own or, as descried below. You can choose to add any combination of modules 1, 2, 3 or 4. Module 1: Non-hospitalisation benefits cover medical treatments that do not require a hospital stay: consultations with a doctor, specialist or therapist and annual health check-ups. Each eligible treatment is covered 100%, with maximum amounts and the overall annual maximum for module 1 is USD 35,000.
Module 2: Medicine and Appliances covers all prescribed medicines and rent of appliances, such as wheelchairs or crutches. Hearing aids are also covered 50% with specific maximum limits. Other appliances and medicine are covered 100% up to the overall maximum limit of 2,500 USD.
Module 3: Medical Evacuation and Repatriation covers transportation to the nearest suitable place of treatment if you have a serious illness or injury. For instance, expenses for transportation by aeroplane or helicopter are covered. Expenses for an accompanying person are also covered.
Module 4A and 4B: Dental and Optical gives you the right to reimbursement for dental treatment, glasses and contact lenses. Routine dental treatment is covered 80% with maximum amounts. Special dental treatment is covered 50% up to an annual maximum. Glasses and contact lenses are covered 80% with specific maximum limits. The overall annual maximum for module 4A is USD 5,000 and for module 4B USD 7,500.
Also, you have the option of adding a Deductible to your policy. A Deductible is the contribution you make towards the cost of your treatment each policy year before receiving reimbursement. You can choose to take out your plan with or without a deductible. Taking out a deductible lowers your premium. The deductible does not apply to Medical Evacuation and Repatriation and/or Dental and Optical modules.
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* An additional premium may be charged.
** Providing one parent has been covered under the policy for 12 months. This excludes adopted children or children being born as a result of fertility treatment and/or born by a surrogate mother.
*** This is available from most medical facilities worldwide.

For more information, download the pdf documents below:


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