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AOC Student Travel Insurance

We offer a flexible choice of Student Travel Insurance coverages, in the event of a sudden, unexpected illness, injury or incident while studying, travelling, working or volunteering outside your home country. Whether it’s High School, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, MBA or a PhD, we’ve got you covered and assured!


Given the current conditions, we cover the medical expenses generated in the event of a positive Covid-19 test.




As an international student, the possibility of studying and visiting another country is exciting. You have a lot to look forward to, with new and exciting experiences around the corner. With that being said, you’ll still need that added protection from sudden and unexpected problems that can occur when you’re away from home.


If you can relate to this, the AOC Student Travel Insurance is for you! You not only benefit from a comprehensive health coverage at a low price, but also with a guaranteed coverage of up to €500,000!  Are you travelling with a laptop or with sports equipment ? A guarantee covering your luggage and personal belongings can compensate you up to €2,000 in the event of a loss, theft, damage or destruction. This coverage is already included in the insurance package and does not need to be purchased separately.


We have you covered, whether you are

- Working or training abroad for a company or organisation, whether paid or unpaid. 

- Travelling to study at a school, college or university.

Travelling to learn a foreign language or staying with a host family abroad. 

- Working as a nanny or au pair with a family abroad.

- Travelling on an outreach or charitable program.

- Travelling into the Schengen Agreement Area and need Schengen Travel Insurance.

- Travelling as part of a working holiday program.

Here's Why AOC Student Travel Insurance is What You Need

Assistance, Search and Rescue in the event of an Accident or a Disaster

If an accident occurs during your trip, AOC Student Travel Insurance ensures the intervention of a medical team to provide you with the necessary care and carry you back home, to the country of your residence. 


We have you Covered and Protected

AOC Student Travel Insurance covers medical expenses up to €500,000 in the event of illnesses and accidents during your stay abroad. You can make your claims and track reimbursements online through the Customer Area. In case you might need immediate assistance, you can search for the closest doctors, hospitals and pharmacies using the "Geolocate Me" feature available on the app. 


We Protect what You Carry

In the event of loss, damage, theft or destruction of your personal baggage, AOC Student Travel Insurance compensates up to €2,000 per person. This includes €1,000 for precious items and up to €250 for your smartphone and laptop. We can even provide financial support of up to €800 in the event of theft or loss of your means of payment.


We Provide you with Additional Coverage on

- Personal injury, property damage and financial loss up to €4,500,000 per claim, which is inclusive of €450,000 for consequential property damage and financial loss and €15,000 for damage caused during the training).

- Accidental death up to €12,000.

- Total Permanent or Partial Disability resulting from an Accident up to €50,000.


We cover a wide range of occupations

We can provide travel insurance cover for a wide range of work and activities abroad at no extra cost, including 
- Managerial/Supervisory, Sales or Administrative Capacity.
- Bar, Restaurant and Catering Staff.
- Musicians and Singers.
- Fruit pickers (excluding the use of heavy machinery).
- Supervised conservation work.
Supervised animal sanctuary work (excluding dangerous interactions with wild animals). 


Our prices are as indicated below: 


With AOC Student Travel Insurance, all you need to do now is travel and have fun! 



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