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AOC Corporate and Group Health Insurance

We will help you to choose a range of solutions that your employees will value. We will then find the best products, from 30 providers, for your needs and ensure you get the right cover on the best terms agreed for the chosen product.




Benefits of a Group Health Insurance for your Business

Building an attractive employee benefits package can help your company to attract and retain talents. That’s why we take time to really get to know your business and design an employee benefits package that both for your employees and their dependents.

Designing a rewarding employee benefits package.

Employee benefits packages can be designed with various parameters. We know that the best solutions need to be attractive to your employees but also needs to be financially viable for your company.

Group risk and medical

From group income protection to group life and medical insurance, we will help you to choose a range of solutions that your employees will value. We will then find the best products, from 30 providers, for your needs and ensure you get the right cover on the best terms agreed for the chosen product. 
A continuous rise in medical inflation, increase in diseases and the ageing population, has made the cost of insurance at an all-time high so that paying for treatments can be challenging even for the most routine procedures. Companies can protect their employees against unexpected medical and related expenses, either for hospitalization or for outpatient. Providing your employees with a comprehensive group health insurance scheme will keep them healthier and better at work. With expertise and experience in the local and international markets, we at AOC Insurance Broker can provide comprehensive solutions to manage cost-effective health Insurance system
In order to select a suitable plan, our consultants will provide you with the right support and expertise in evaluating your options as there are several factors to be considered: 
- Assessing the benefits to be covered vs. the co-payment and premium terms in our comparison matrix.
- Evaluating the type of direct billing procedures in the network of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies which are being used. 

Most of the developed countries have made Health Insurance mandatory through systems provided by employers or by the state/country, and it is important to select the right product especially for expatriates depending on their country of assignment vs. the country of origin.
We also associate well-being in managing health thanks to our digital solution to maintain cost efficiency besides engaging healthy and motivated human resources. 


Small & Medium Enterprises to Large Corporations 

AOC Insurance broker is professional advisers available through the digital interface for Expatriates Group Health Insurance. We help our clients to identify their exposures and risks by understanding their business. AOC Insurance Broker provides the most complaint Group insurance policy, companies to act on their behalf. We are essentially guiding our clients through the process of selecting an affordable premium and benefits that suit your budget around the world.

A Health Insurance plan provides not only a valuable benefit for your employees by giving them fast access to medical treatment, but also a positive measurable impact on your company through reduced sickness absence, improved employee morale and increased productivity. It can be further used as an effective tool in the recruitment process by offering it as part of the employment package for new staff.
In our day to day lives, we are exposed to many risks associated either with Accidents or Illnesses. And with the ever-increasing costs associated with Hospitalization or Outpatient treatments, we can provide your employees and their dependents the optimum cover they require.

AOC Insurance Broker provides you with a comparison and a call tender from 30 selected Global Insurance companies such as Allianz, AXA, Cigna and other Global Insurance providers such as Now Health, Henner, MSH Intl. We offer our knowledge and expertise in international health insurance businesses. We offer our knowledge and expertise in International Private Medical Insurance in Asia and South East Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America, Canada, UK, USA & Australia much more regions. We negotiate the best solutions and conditions for you and your employees. Our group healthcare plans provide safety and choice for your employees living outside their home country.

AOC Insurance Broker provides you with the following high-quality services:

*We are specialized in digital health services across the world
*Direct billing settlement network of medical providers
*Access to a 24 hours multilingual helpline for your employees
*Easy online administration of your plan
*Disregard previous medical history (MHD)
*Effective, proven cost containment processes
*Multi-cultural staff with AOC’s and our partners
*Claims processed in 2 to 5 working days
*Sophisticated range of online services for group scheme Managers & Members
*Members can select the medical provider of their choice




In-Patient & Day-Care benefits 

Some of which includes Hospital Accommodation, Accidents and Emergencies, Intensive Care & Theatre Costs, Surgical Operations & procedures, Second Medical Opinion, Surgeons, Anaesthetists & Physicians fees, Prescribed Medicine & drugs, Casts, Splints, Trusses, Braces and Crutches, Prostheses and Surgical Appliances, Diagnostic tests, Oncology Treatment, Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy, Ophthalmology, kidney failure, Physiotherapy etc!

Out-Patient Benefits 

Which includes mainly diagnostic tests, Specialists, Consultants, General Medical Practitioner and Family Physician fees, Out-Patient home visits for emergency conditions, Oncology, Prescribed Medicines & Dressings, Emergency Ambulance, Outpatient Surgical Procedures, Physiotherapy, Aging illness (e.g. Parkinson), Psychiatric Treatment etc!

Smartcare Partner 

AOC Insurance Broker, Garmin are actively helping their insured members in reducing your organisation's health care spending by shifting your workforce focus from treatment to prevention. By bringing evidence-based wellness solutions into your workplace you can improve employee health and retention and control your healthcare costs. Once you become a client, you are enabled to benefit from our unique and incomparable suite of negotiated discounts. You and your employees will have access to wellness initiatives and quarterly health education events, much more!
Undertaking a Health Insurance program is one of the best ways to look after your employee's wellbeing. Your staff will have quick access to high-quality health care, avoiding the long waiting lists and they will also feel more valued. In return, your company will benefit from less disruption due to staff absence.
Other benefits that come with taking out Health Insurance for your employees include:
We are proud to offer a variety of health insurance plans. Our Insurance Executive will be in touch with you for your questions. We will assure to offer tailored plans to meet your budget and healthcare needs.

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