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Allianz worldwideCare international expat health insurance

Efficient health insurance plan for expatriates all over the world

Allianz Worldwide Care specialises in providing international health insurance for employees, individuals and their dependant, regardless of their location

In our Worldwide Care packages, we offer you a range of four Core Plans of up to USD 3150 000. 
Allianz healthcare plans are designed to cover you for the more expensive medical costs associated with in-patient treatment, along with benefits such as rehabilitation treatment, out-patient surgery, nursing at home and medical evacuation. Deductibles are available on all the plans.
Our healthcare plans are available in Euros, USD, British Pounds and Swiss Francs. 
+ Lifetime coverage
+ Direct billing
+ In-patient and out-patient
+ Maternity care
+ Vision & dental plan
+ Allianz medical network around the world
+ Multilingual platform available 24/7
+ My Health your apps to manage your claims online
Persons under 70 - Lifetime coverage!


Insurance expatriation individual and family - 4 International health insurance Plan with different module & optionals - Direct billing settlement Allianz - Option assistance repatriation - Multilingual platform 24 hours


Persons under 70 ans - Life time coverage


Worldwide excluding USA


1 year renewal for life

For more information, download the pdf documents below:


Efficient health insurance plan for expatriates all over the world Allianz…