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The AOC Team uses AOC Expat Care to make comparisons and recommendations for clients.
AOC Expat care is a uniquely powerful online quotation tool:

  • Intranet service so AOC consultants can connect wherever they are (and a mobile application is ongoing for our clients)
  • Available in both French and English
  • Database with 30 insurance companies with more than 200 international health insurance plans
  • All profile information about the clients (age, nationality, spouse, children, destination etc.) and their needs (outpatient, maternity, dental, etc.) are recorded in order to make very precise quotations
    pdf AOC Request Form International Health Insurance
  • Comparative tables of benefits of each insurance plan are presented in order to help the client to compare the main benefits and the most important information per insurance plan
    pdf Example Plan Comparison Daniel Stevens Family Expat in Spain
  • The Premium rates can also be calculated according to deductibles, out of pocket, franchise, excess
  • The Health Insurance is available in EURO, USD, POUND, or even as CFE additional insurance for European citizen abroad
  • Comparisons providing by AOC team with an explanation regarding the medical inflation around the world and in your country of expatriation
  • AOC's Rating system of international Health Insurance Plan for expatriate with 10 criteria to offer our client what they cannot see through the documentation

AOC Insurance Broker, The Health plan you want, the premium you want, the help you need

AOC Insurance Broker

The Health plan you want, the premium you want, the help you need

  • Expatriates


    International health insurance policies are mean to protect you while you are abroad. Let us help you and your family, find the right health cover. We offer you professional comparison of family, individual, corporate, expat, student and travel insurance worldwide.

  • Students


    As an international scholar or a working holiday maker, the thrill of studying, visiting another country is a big excitement. New surroundings, new & exciting experiences. However, there's one thing you have to keep in mind when being abroad - reliable international health insurance plan!

  • Travellers


    Travel health insurance is necessary outside your country of nationality. Every day is a risk, thus it's time to make an important decision and purchase online adequate and effective worldwide travel insurance policy for your annual & single trip abroad.

  • Wealth Management

    Wealth Management

    The core of our wealth management services is the Luxembourg Insurance Wrapper. It is a life insurance policy similar to an investment portfolio made up with investment funds, securities, shares, bonds, listed and non-listed investments and aiming to protect your investments within a legal framework.

AOC Insurance Broker : International Health Insurance comparisons

"The Health plan you want, the premium you want, the help you need"