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Most expensive medical procedures in the world

International Health Insurance: The 10 Most Expensive Medical Procedures

It is interesting to know what the price of the most expensive operations is. Here is a list of the 10 most expensive ones. In the case of organ (or bone marrow) transplantation, it is not the operation itself that is expensive, but it is the hospital stay before and after it that can constitute approximately 75% of the total bill. In addition, other costs are considered for preoperative assessments, postoperative care, follow-up visits and other tests. These costs are often underestimated by expatriates used to enjoy their national healthcare system or corporate health insurance paid by the employer, but it is very different abroad or you have to adapt your expatriate health insurance to medical costs. And only an expert with a regional view in contact with the hospital actors is able to provide the appropriate answers. Off course, the fact that we do all too often listening to expatriates and providing them with real experiences.

1. Intestinal transplantation
Cost: USD 1,121,800

Intestinal transplants are sometimes combined with a liver transplant, which makes the procedure more expensive: about $ 1,121,800. Nearly 80% of these costs go towards hospital administration and recovery costs.

2. Heart transplant
Cost: USD 787,700

The high price of this operation is largely due to the very high risk. We must also take into account the wait to find the donor that is the most compatible so that the graft is not rejected, as well as the minimum 6 months of recovery required and long-term follow-up.

3. Bone marrow transplant
Cost: USD 676,800 allograft (USD 300,400 autologous)

Bone marrow transplantation can be done with donor marrow (allograft), or the patient's bone marrow (autologous), the latter at a much lower cost. Bone marrow transplants are very complex procedures with a high probability of complications. Costs can range from $ 300,400 for autologous transplant, up to $ 676,800 for allografting, these rates take into account the long preparation time and recovery time for high-risk surgery.

4. Lung transplant
Cost: USD 657,800 for two (USD 450,400 for one)

The lung transplant is the typical case of long procedures. A simple lung transplant can cost $ 450,400 and a double transplant of about $ 657,800. Very long waiting lists to find a donor, complex tests and a very long recovery time increase the total bill accordingly.

5. Liver transplant
Cost: USD 523,400

A liver transplant, of about $ 523,400, is quite similar to an open heart surgery because it is very risky and also generates significant costs. To top it off, the eligibility criteria are very strict, which increases the administrative costs.

6. Open heart surgery
Cost: USD 324,000

Open heart surgery is becoming more common as heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States (26%). This is usually an emergency procedure, followed by close and long-term follow-up, costing $ 324,000.

7. Pancreatic transplant
Cost: USD 275,500

Pancreatic transplantation is usually performed in patients with type 1 diabetes or in patients with renal insufficiency and is often done in combination with a kidney transplant. A pancreas transplant can cost up to $ 275,500 and even $ 439,000 if a kidney transplant is associated with it.

8. Kidney transplantation
Cost: USD 259,000

Kidney transplants present a unique challenge: the kidney already in place is not removed, so you have to attach the new kidney so that it is properly supplied with blood, as it is shown that removal of the kidney leads to a higher risk of failure. This is costly because of the risk, recovery and preparation burden, as well as other operations, costing about $ 259,000.

9. Tracheotomy
Cost: USD 205,000

A tracheotomy, which costs $ 205,000, usually requires long recovery time in intensive care. Patients who receive this operation are usually seriously ill, and intensive care has high costs.

10. Surgery of retinal lesions
Cost: USD 153,000

Retinal surgery is a very high-risk procedure, requiring specific skills. The high costs of this procedure are associated with the required skill level, recovery time and follow-up procedures.

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