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AOC Expatcare Application

How AOC Expat Care  «Family Program» works ?



1- My Insurance policies: you can compare an existing offer, obtain your insurance certificate, take pictures of your documents with your smart phone, request a comparison for a new expat insurance.
 1a- Definition of needs: insured profile / insurance information via AOC algorithm.
1b- Comparison of the international health plans with the possibility to: call and/or set an appointment with an advisor, chat online, request a detailed comparison with recommendation provided by AOC Expat Care 2- My advisor
3- My health: e-health, dietetics, sports and connected objects with membership number and login to the loyalty program, rewards.
4- My account: personal data + AOC Expat Care partner’s membership card with QR code.
5- Assistance: AOC details, advisor available on the online chat or by phone.
6- Healthier reward program or reward program with points management of members of the AOC Family program.
7-Tutorial: 4 slides guided tour of the model of comparison of international health insurers / loyalty health program.





AOC Expat Care program called “The Family” will allow you to manage your health and your performance using the most popular connected devices such as Garmin, Fit Bit, Misfit, Polar, Withing, I-Health dedicated to sports and health.


AOC Expatcare Compare your international health insurance, “The Family” - Get Better, Get Healthier


AOC Insurance Broker : International Health Insurance comparisons

"The Health plan you want, the premium you want, the help you need"