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Private Health insurance Thailand - OA visa retired

Private Health insurance Thailand - OA visa retired

Since October 31, 2019, the conditions for obtaining an OA visa also require minimum health insurance.

What is an OA visa?

Visa for foreigners aged 50 and over who wish to stay in Thailand for a year or more. The visa is issued for a maximum of 12 months. Then each year, as long as the conditions of eligibility are maintained, the holder can renew his visa.
To obtain this visa, it is also necessary to prove a minimum medical coverage of THB 400,000 for inpatient treatments, and THB 40,000 for outpatient treatments. Download the visa requirement.
When applying for a visa, you must present an insurance certificate attesting to the conditions of medical cover required by law. A copy of the original full insurance policy may also be requested.

How to get this insurance certificate?

→Certificate provided by Thai insurers
14 Thai insurers provide a certificate pre-approved by the authorities. This has the advantage of simplicity since it is possible to directly take out insurance in good standing and automatically obtain the certificate. The downside is that these insurances offer very reduced medical cover, corresponding to or close to the minimum required. Considering the medical costs in Thailand, especially in the event of a serious medical event, this coverage is excessively low.

→Certificate provided by foreign insurers
Good news, it is possible to have health insurance with an insurer not listed among these 14 companies. This includes foreign insurers. This is interesting because it offers the possibility of obtaining a visa, staying in Thailand, while enjoying strong medical coverage (eg THB 20,000,000) and a solid policy contract (lifetime, international coverage including country of nationality , repatriation, etc.).

How to get your OA visa with international health insurance?

The insurer only needs to complete and sign the Foreign Insurance Certificate.
Present this certificate with the full insurance policy when applying for a visa, (first application or renewal).

Please note, the period of medical cover must correspond to the period of the visa. This is an important point for those who already have health insurance because they will have to modify their current insurance or buy a new insurance in order to match the date of departure of the insurance with the visa.

Please note that some insurers will refuse to complete and sign this Foreign Insurance Certificate.

To date, we have many customers who have been able to obtain or renew their visa while retaining their international health insurance. Contact us for our assistance and advice. We will send you insurance quotations, according to your situation, expectations, projects, budget.

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